Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Changes

I just dropped off 6 boxes and 2 lamps at the Goodwill. I was in such a bad mood while packing up all my treasures this weekend. Treasures I found in a box that had been sitting in the basement, unopened, for 5 years. Most of it didn't matter but a few things were pretty and I remembered them fondly. Now they're (hopefully) on their way to someone who will treasure them as much as I did. And I'm in a much better mood, even if it was hard to give my things away. It gets easier each time, though.

I very nearly met my goal for the weekend which was to set the living room and kitchen to rights again. Ian and I have been living in a sea of boxes and we finally had some time to devote to getting things put away (and giving things away). Two more boxes to unpack and we'll be able to use the kitchen table again.


Slowly, things are becoming lighter...both in the house and in me. I'm noticing so many things that I never thought about before. Like just how much stuff I feel like buying just because it's there. Or just how much stuff there is to buy! Ian and I went to Target last night to buy some fake meat and the amount of stuff was overwhelming. It was all bright and shiny and tempting...but totally useless. Ma Ingalls would have freaked out.

I nearly freaked out! And I was happy to notice this because it means I'm changing. It means that stuff is losing its power over me. It means I've finally learned that stuff won't make me happy. It means I'm becoming a minimalist for real! How cool is that?


  1. Very cool! I'm also slowly learning how to live with less. Partly because being so consumer-driven makes me feel gross, and partly because I just don't have the money necessary to buy all the pretty shiny things.

    It's surprising how much easier it is when you don't have this constant need to keep up with the latest whatever-it-is-that-everyone-else-is-buying kind of craziness. I feel much more freedom now.

  2. Ugh, that keep up with it/them attitude is insane! I listen to people talk about having the newest thing or whatever and I feel bad because having that new thing isn't going to make them as awesome as they think it will.

    Of course, I do like fun things like my sweet bike and my Kindle...but I'm not going to "upgrade" until they break. And I didn't buy them to be as awesome as everyone else. I'm awesome without them too!

    I've never noticed that pretty much everyone everywhere is trying to get me to buy stuff. I just sort of ignored it all but now I notice it everywhere. What is wrong with this crazy world! Go for a walk with your family or something...stop buying stuff all the time!

    Clearly, I'm having fun with this new attitude. It's way more fun than organizing all my junk all the time.

  3. I hope those are thistles, because thistles are my favorite flower. Plant. Weed. And I know I say that about everything ("goldenrod is my favorite weed ever!") but I really am fond of thistles - they're so beautiful.
    But maybe I'm totally wrong and it's just another beautiful plant ...

    It does get easier to give things away. Thank goodness!
    (I would have more coherent thoughts but I'm finally watching the last season of Lost -- phew! That sounds like consumerism but really it's a different sort of minimalism, since now I won't be aggravated about wondering what happened any longer. See? Perfectly rational!)

  4. It's like you spend the first half of your life trying to get stuff and the second half trying to give it away... glad you're feeling lighter these days. I've felt good too about the major office clean up and purge. Boxes and boxes of things I've been hanging onto for what?

  5. I like the idea that even our lovely treasures will be going on to someone else who can treasure them anew. That positive outlook certainly makes it easier to detach.

    I zone out now with advertising and ads on tv - the mute button helps:)I don't need a constant barrage of consumerism in the home when I'm trying to relax. Not having enough money to buy into consumerism certainly helps gain a balanced perspective on what you really need rather than want in your life!