Friday, October 8, 2010

Minimalist Lists

I make lots of lists. I like the simple act of writing out the list and I like to capture every minute step. I don't know why I do this. It's not like I write so many steps because I like crossing things off the list. I never cross things off the list because it makes the list look messy.

The problem with my particular brand of list making is that while writing them makes me happy, looking at them makes me feel constrained and overwhelmed. I MUST DO this stuff! It's on the list!

And then I go home and eat some junk food in an effort to forget the list. And it's usually very easy to do because some of the stuff on the list wasn't actually all that important. And ignoring it all was way easier than doing it all.

I've been trying very hard to stop making these unreasonable and frivolous lists. They're a waste of time and they don't actually keep me on track. But I do like to have some sort of to-do list to help me focus on what's important. I think I've finally hit the sweet spot. The following is my actual to do list for the weekend:

-spend time with friends
-draw something
-sew something
-sort some junk
-remove junk from house

I've resisted the urge to set a time limit for each item or specify a particular number of things I should sort/draw/sew. Instead, I'm just going to do these things and not worry about how much of each I finish. They'll all lead me towards my goal of being an artist, minimalist and all around awesome person.

So, what's your to-do list for this weekend? Is it helping you reach your goals or just keeping you busy?

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  1. This chocolate guinness cake from Design Sponge is on my list for this weekend:

    We're having dinner with a bunch of friends, and I wanted to make something I've never had before. Of course, I'll have to convert it to gluten-free and hope it doesn't suck.