Thursday, November 4, 2010


You have got to be kidding me. I've never seen such fantastic furniture for a small home. Check out this transforming furniture and be amazed!

-(found via Unclutterer)

I'm in serious love with those wall beds. I want a small apartment just so I can get one. Probably the one with the desk...because you don't even have to clean off the desk. Brilliant!


  1. When I lived in a wee studio apartment, I had a bed that hid away in the wall. Rollaway bed! It was SO COOL.

    I miss that apartment. It was, like, 200 square feet and I loved every inch of it.

  2. what happens if you get trapped inside the wall?!?

  3. I want a murphy bed like nobody's business. I've always been so fascinated with them.

  4. j - thankfully, it wasn't possible to be trapped in the wall! It didn't lock; it was just like a really, really big drawer. I used to pull myself in it to nap, sometimes.
    it was the best thing ever.